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Private Sale
Start in October!

Airdrop 22 DRW /Claim
  • Days
  • Hours
  • Mins
  • Sec

The tokens will be automatically transferred to the participant's wallet immediately

Airdrop will be closed after IDO

Contract address: 0xF7DdaeDBdfdF2B233979c601578c81450fEB49d0
Min Buy 0.1 BNB - Max Buy 10000 BNB

Private-Sale 1 BNB = 3,500 DRW

DRW Airdrop - Vip Week DRW Airdrop

#Welcome to the DragonWar

Best BlockChain Dragon

Create Chain History!

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Dapp based on smart contracts, powered by Binance Smart Chain, spans the entire ecosystem of the game.

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Smart Apps


More than 250,000 unique items in the system related to game currency

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Earn Online


The game model is based in such a way that any inhabitant of the earth can make money on it

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A unique algorithm that will allow you to earn passively every second at the highest rates

About Image
About Shape Image Great war of humans and dragons

See What Lies Beyond

The universe shuddered as if made of flesh as the two greatest races of the Dragon and Human came together in battle. And I did not see the world of battle more terrible, and did not know what awaited him ahead. But that was later, and at first there was history ...

DragonWar is the first game in its genre with such a Large Universe

  • Earn on active play
  • Craft unique items from instance pieces
  • Mine unique worthwhile nft resources
  • Fight and get unique items
#Become a Legend in the Dragon World

Choose Who Is The Best

Choose your path

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Partners Farming

You get NFT stuff, when your partners play

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Pre-Sale Investor

Earn Money in after pre-sale Stage

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Airdrop Join

Join aidrop and earn start bonus free items

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Active Gaming

Earn and war in battle with other players

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Professions farming

Buy implement! Farm resources and sell

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Earn token and real money by stream videos

#Welcome to the DragonWar


Compete with players to become the winner of cash tournaments.
Play on NFT and earn money while having fun with the game.
Our Tokenomics:

Expert Team



Our Strategy & Project Plan

OCT 2022

Website & White Papers

  • Token Prototype Realise
  • Pre Sale/IDO Starts
  • Launch Airdrop
  • Transfer DRW to Game Items

Concept Development

Preparing a modern super strategy with agile methodologies, authoritatively supplied, signing advertising contracts and actively developing the game over a longer periody.

JAN 2022

Game Launch & End Pre-Sale

Full launch of the game and completion of sales and airdrop programs at a cheap price.

DEC 2022

DragonAds Launch

Launch of an advertising affiliate network with bonuses for rewards in the internal market of items and tokens.

DEC 2022

Launch & Marketing

Launch of the start of international marketing of crypto enthusiasts and active people earning money on the Internet.

JAN 2022

Unique NFT Items & MarketPlace

Launch of an auction of things and a platform for the sale of unique rare items needed for the entire economy of the game.

FEB 2023

Dex Listing & Staking

By this time, we plan to organize at least 2 staking pools inside the game and a separate dapp application We also plan to post on popular sites for quick exchange and create our own P2P/dex dapp.


Get Free 100 DRW

Follow 5 simple steps and get bonus to your wallet.

#Main accomplished work

DragonWar Metaverse

Strong WorkMap

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#Unique Realizations

Take Part In Raids

Users control the game